Do you have any quadriplegic equipment that you want to donate or sell to the MND Association?
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Below is a list of current equipment that is for sale. Please note that these items are not being sold by the MND Association, but by the seller itself:
Full Name Amount wanted Contact Email
ROMANY SUTHERLAND Donate 726130885
Ref: 11
Item Description: pressure care stocking
Date Entered: 2017/01/23 10:39:43 PM

Full Name Amount wanted Contact Email
Ref: 10
Item Description: P350 Tuffcare Rhino (hoyer) lift never been used
Date Entered: 2017/01/23 10:38:53 PM

Full Name Amount wanted Contact Email
ROMANY SUTHERLAND R 10 000 726130885
Ref: 9
Item Description: Bath chair lift lotus. It tilts back too. Best piece of equipment we had for mom
Date Entered: 2017/01/23 10:36:37 PM

Full Name Amount wanted Contact Email
Noel Bowers 082-823-3244
Ref: 4
Item Description: A Quickie F55 Motorized Wheelchair, with motorized reclining facility. Avery expensive and at the time, top of the range Quickie Wheelchair. A Panda Mark III motorized Wheelchair, a bit on the old side, but perfectly functional. Designed for extra heavy persons. An Oxygen Concentrator unit-Respironics Everflo. BIPAP- Also Respironics. Manual Wheelchair, Quickie RXS-lightweight, 16".
Date Entered: 2016/10/31 10:36:12 AM

Full Name Amount wanted Contact Email
Vicki Lauter R50 000 neg 0825746185
Ref: 3
Item Description: Posture Wheelchair, used 3-4 times. brand new. The Breezy RelaX2 is a positioning and tilt-in-space wheelchair which is durable, modern looking and comfortable. It offers adjustable seat height and depth, back height, length adjustable armpads and infinite recline and tilt. The RelaX2 can be adjusted and fitted to suit a wide range of clients. It is designed for a variety of positioning needs. The tilt-in-space can assist with feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis and improve alignment by holding the head upright and looking forward.
Date Entered: 2016/08/17 11:17:55 AM

Full Name Amount wanted Contact Email
Binkie Osner R 543 497 0837004822
Ref: 1
Item Description: VW Kombi 2014 model fitted with wheelchair docking station and electric hoist
Date Entered: 2015/06/29 03:49:23 PM